THE GO-BETWEENS : I Need Two Heads 7"

2 Heads
Everybody yarps on about Postcard Records these days, but nobody seems to yarp on about this single for no particular reason. Perhaps because it's the one Postcard release that doesn't epitomise "the sound of young Scotland", perhaps because The Go-Betweens remain such an aquired taste (I certainly am not a fan of everything they've released). This perculiarly overlooked 1980 7" captures them at their simpliest, rough-edged best - a fractious hybrid of fine 60s pop (The Monkees & the V.U.) & awkward, angular 70s new wave (Wire & Television) - recorded during their brief stay in Glasgow - twixt Brisbane & London - & is infinitely superior to anything the appalling Aztec fucking Camera ever comitted to vinyl (Postcard-sanctioned or otherwise). Interestingly, the original barebones line-up of Robert Forster & Grant McLennan is complimented here by Orange Juice's Steven Daly temping on drums &, better yet, you can find demos from sessions for the same single here too. Blimey!

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