Actually... mention of Walking Seeds & Kramer put me in mind of Macioce's beautiful, surrealistic (a seriously overused bit of terminology I know, but it honestly applies here) photography from the late-80s. It seemed semi-ubiquitous at the time (I was reading the right magazines I guess?) & personifies that era for me somewhat, though that's pretty subjective I 'spose. Forced Exposure & Chemical Imbalance were both great supporters of his work, his portraits of underground musicians liberally adorning their reviews sections issue-to-issue, & he was snapper-in-residence throughout Shimmy Disc's finest hour(s), his pictures often-as-not decorating their LP sleeves.
Macioce 2
Though his music-related portraiture is impressive, it's his more expressionistic & experimental work that I really find really compelling, creeped-out imagery viewed through a thick anaesthetic gauze, or a haunted pinhole camera perhaps? Was there ever a book available of this stuff? Anyway, you can take a look at work spanning his entire career here.

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