PLAGAL GRIND : Xpressway 12"

Plagal Grind
One of the absoluteclassicmasterpieces of the New Zealand musical canon. I'm a little bit hazy at the how I initially discovered it - possibly via cassette c/o Hood's Chris Adams (never actually met the feller but we did a shedload of tape trading back in the mid 90s 'til we burnt each other out) - but I remember loving it within the first few seconds of hearing it, & my enthusiasm for it has never diminished (it still gets hauled out for a spin at least once every couple of months which isn't bad considering I'm literally up to my knees in audio clutter these days!).

Released in 1990 on Bruce Russell's deservedly legendary Xpressway label, this eponymous 12" is - frustratingly - Plagal Grind's solitary release. I've yet to come across any other recordings by them, even ropey live stuff, though perhaps I've just been looking too hard in all the wrong places? Quite why it's been allowed to fall out of print I dunno, it's such a fantastic piece of work: a reverb-heavy, off-world folk-psych abstract-pop cornerstone deserving of much, much wider appreciation. Their line-up is, in retrospect, a virtual "you're got to be kidding"-standard N.Z. supergroup of sorts: Alastair Galbraith (A Handful Of Dust, The Rip & a solo artist of serious repute), Peter Jefferies (This Kind Of Punishment, Nocturnal Projections, 2 Foot Flame + much solo stuff), David Mitchell (3Ds, Goblin Mix, Exploding Budgies, Magick Heads) & Robbie Muir (drummer-for-hire of Dunedin legend). It's a monster, folks...

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  1. Anonymous5.5.11

    Great post. But FYI, Robbie Muir is not drummer-for-hire Robbie Yeats. Robbie Muir was the bassist for this band and also played guitar on some collaborations with Peter Jefferies, who played drums for Plagal Grind.

  2. Argh, what was I thinking?? Thanks for the pointing that out though...