PUFF TUBE : Emergency Peanut EP (1991)

Puff Tube
As with many of the most loved / most played records, I was originally introduced to Puff Tube's implausible snot rock by Our Lord John Peel, but even by his weirder-than-thou standards Emergency Peanut remains a singularly ear-boggling artefact. Released in 1991 by Cleveland's idiosyncratic Scat imprint (who brought us GBV's The Grand Hour 7" & that legendary Properller/Titus 2-fer of course), Emergency Peanut's 2 zoned-out 7"s arrived folded inside a flamboyant poster sleeve, accompanied by a nice fat 'zine & nestling within a polythene bag full of nonsensical ephemera (I can't be bothered to go into minute detail here, 'cept to say that the monogramed Scat napkin was a suave touch).
Rubber Man
Each 7" side contained 3-4 tracks apiece, all edited tightly & seamlessly together, dictating that Peel had to play the e.p. an entire side at a time - which is exactly what he did, 1 side per night, over the course of a week. His garbled pre-broadcast description of this abnormal package, plus the fact that he was unsure which speed to play it (always a good sign in my experience) ensured that each side of Emergency Peanut was duly captured on cassette for posterity. And it goes without saying that, within 24 hours, a $-stuffed envelope (pre-Paypal, kid) was winging it's way to Cleveland for my own copy. I think it was the bastardised cover of Bob Seger's grisly "Heavy Music" that did it. 18 later I'm still hotly anticipating Puff Tube's debut full lengther, with only one subsequent 7" (another cover, of Don Henley's excerable The Boys Of Summer this time) & an intriguing webpage for sustenance. Surprisingly, original copies of this unique record are still available - cheap! - direct from Scat. Pass the helium.

Poof Toob

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