SHOCK HEADED PETERS : Blue Rosebuds (1985)

I've been listening to a fair bit of Shock Headed Peters stuff recently - the magnificent Not Born Beautiful & Fear Engines LPs, & their attendent 12"s (The Kissing Of Gods, Life Extinguisher & that oft acknowledged masterpiece I, Bloodbrother Be - every hovel should have one, etc), all of which I'm intimately familiar with from my hermitic youth. One song of theirs that I didn't manage to hear back then is their ludicrously overloaded cover of The Residents' "Blue Rosebuds", from 1985's Devastate To Liberate compilation. As most of the rest of the album has dated rather badly - perhaps inevitably in hindsight? - SHP's contribution is not only the best track here by some distance, it's also one of their finest 5 minutes ever. Formative pieces by Nurse With Wound, Current 93, H30 & Coil (plus an otherwise unavailable contribution from Crass at their least gorblimey) merely emphasise it's magnitude. Karl Blake's foundation-quaking guitar pyrotechnics have to be heard to be believed - volcanically charged stuff! If you've yet to experience SHP in full flight then, erm, look out - they were almost certainly the strangest band El Records ever bankrolled (which is saying something...), & unquestionably the heaviest...

Further Shock Headed Peters info here.

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