SMOG : Floating EP

Smog Floating
The very first Smog recordings I heard, & it's this general era of Bill Callahan's long career (who'd have guessed?) that I still hold dearest (not that I spend a lot of time in his company these days - it's a fine line between elegant minimalist restraint & sheer cuticle-chewing bloody tedium afterall...), the Forgotten Foundation album being a particular fav. As usual, it's John Peel's fault. Somewhere, on a dodgy c90 full of dodgy late 90s bands who'd flapped around enough long enough to attract the great man's attentions for a moment or two, I have a crackly recording of "Floating" from this e.p. - no doubt retained because it was exceptionally brief & filled up an awkward gap at the end of a side or summut, but subsequently returned to, obsessed over & eventually tracked down (Drag City back then wasn't the many-tentacled multinational megacorps it is nowadays so that was a more protracted process that you might expect). Bill was still recording onto a busted cassette deck in his bedroom at this point & it's that cheapshit spontaneity that still excites & engages. That & the perpetual twilight suggested by timeless lines like "You looked like Marc Bolan's girlfriend", of course...



  1. btw, Marc Bolan's girlfriend was soul queen Gloria Jones, the exotic looking singer of the original version of Tainted Love as well as the classic Heartbeat (written by Ed Cobb, manager of the Standells, and later covered by the Detroit Cobras). Jones was also the driver in the car accident that killed Bolan; Jones barely survived and went on to a pretty successful career as a songwriter and producer.

  2. Coincidently, I was listening to Bill C's latest LP the other day &, God, I wish it sounded a little bit more like THIS...

  3. could you upload this again please?!