THIS HEAT : Nottingham Boat Club 1981 (Cassette recording)

This Heat
From Friendsound website:

"Tape, live at the Boat Club, Nottingham, UK, May 19th, 1981.

More live This Heat, at the peak of their powers. The most fascinating thing about this one is just how close to the recorded versions some of these are — we always thought the guys did all kinds of studio trickery and tape splicing under the auspices of David Cunningham to get the likes of “Horizontal Hold” and “Health & Efficiency”. Damn.Note that the last track cuts off a little early — it’s missing maybe twenty seconds and some desultory applause. Very sorry, but that’s what happens when some jackass dubs it onto one side of a goddamn C90. Still to come: Hamburg and Amsterdam, both 1982.

1. Horizontal Hold
2. Paper Hats
3. Aerial Photography
5. Triumph
6. Makeshift Swahili
7. A New Kind of Water
8. Twilight Furniture
9. Health & Efficiency"

I honestly almost fell off my chair when I came across this! As a lifelong, slightly disgruntled Nottingham resident (& a fan of This Heat for the last 15 years or so) I was surprised & delighted to discover that this remarkable band did actually stop by our unsuspecting, possibly undeserving, backwater on at least one occasion, if only for an hour or so, to treat a probable handful of forward thinking - or perhaps just lucky - punters to a no-holds-barred demonstration of their monstrous sound (& at it's absolute zenith too, circa Deceit). Way before my time unfortunately, but at least the cassette survived...

2012 update: I've reposted this recording as it was temporarily lost in the chaos surrounding Megaupload's (&, latterly, Hotfile's) collapse. Since this piece was first written, several sources have pointed out that this show may not have been taped at Nottingham's Boat Club at all, & might actually have taken place at Whispers, a run down gay club in the city centre. Further intrigue: This Heat allegedly appeared as support to San Francisco's Tuxedomoon on the night, & a recording of their performance is also (reputedly) circulating, though I've not found a copy as yet.

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  1. Loved This Heat and again was lucky enough to see them live a number of times in and around London back in the days, so thanx for this. Nottingham...aah memories! Back when I was a pup and started working for The Department of Stealth & Social Insecurity (don't ask!)I got sent up to Nottingham for training for a whole month. Wages + bonus for being somewhere else + a month paid for me to stay in a boarding house ( in the end I onlt stayed there I think 2 nights!!!) Most excellent adventures (from what I can remember-allegedly!) Always loved Nottingham from then on tho' I have never been back, sex, drugs'n'rock'n'roll (Wire at Tiffany's (or some other such chain) e.g.) Good times.
    have added yr blog to mine.

  2. I can imagine Nottingham was a bit of a cultural backwater circa 1981 so I was astounded (to say the least) to discover they'd even bothered coming to Nottingham back then, let alone that someone had recorded them & (ultimately) uploaded it to the 'net! I'm no spring chicken myself, but This Heat are (sadly) JUST before my time, I started going to gigs a couple of years later so I missed out on great bands like Wire (at their peak) - they're probably my 2 favourite bands now though. I can imagine T.H. had it quite rough way back then, when I picked up their records in the early 90s they were totally forgotten & totally obscure - I only bought them because the covers looked so interesting (& because they were stupidly cheap)! How times change, huh? x

  3. Anonymous21.6.12

    This is from Nottingham Whispers 19.5.81 supporting Tuxedo Moon. I taped both & someone knicked the TH tape.

  4. Wow, I had no idea that Tuxedomoon has ever visited Nottingham, that's quite a revelation! Do you still have that live recording, I know several folk who'd love to hear it?

  5. p.s. Wasn't Whispers a gay club? It's before my time, but I've definitely heard of it...

  6. Anonymous25.6.12

    Tuxedomoon has been on Dime. DVA played there as well in 1983. Anychance of upping this as a lossless flac?

  7. Nah, I'm Flac-free, sorry...

  8. Anonymous4.7.12

    A torrent has been removed from DIME.

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    Title: Tuxedomoon - Nottingham Whispers 19th May 1981 (TB Audience Master)
    Deleted by: DIME Robot
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    Take care!


  9. I've still got the poster!

  10. Steve, could you upload it, I'd love to see it?