WALKING SEEDS : Peel Session - 11th January 1987 (BBC recording)

Hairy 4
Walking Seeds were a fantastically fucked-up late-80s psychedelic rock band from Liverpool who, fleetingly at least, had the honour of being dubbed Mark E Smith's favourite band (I first encountered them supporting The Fall circa Bend Sinister, if memory serves). Their records, often Kramer-produced & all uniformly excellent, were always marginally outstripped by their impossibly greasy Peel sessions, the first of which I'm posting here (it's always been my personal fave). Recorded on 11th January 1987 at BBC Maida Vale, it's 4 songs - of which the ear-boggling "Blathering Out" is the probable highlight - still show lingering traces of their previous incarnation, the demented Mel-O-Tones, but the influence of Blue Cheer & Blast First-era Butthole Surfers is already palpable to the filth-schooled ear.

● Frank

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