McCARTHY : And Tomorrow The Stock Exchange Will Be The Human Race

Spent the morning listening to McCarthy - it's been sometime since I set aside some time to sit down & revisit their labrynthine back catalogue & I've set myself the task of working through the whole lot over the next few days to remind me of just how fantastic a band they were (my memory doesn't require much prompting, mind - they were truly terrific afterall).

Hybridising the opaque, mesmeric jangle of early Felt with a charmingly untutored vocalist who sounds like an nervy 14 year old reading from a Revolutionary Communist Party pamphlet when he ought to be hanging 'round outside an offy with his mates (pretty daring when you consider most people were hanging on every horribly beige word David Gedge yarped out at this point), McCarthy still strike me as a band that didn't receive a fraction of the plaudits they deserved in their time (they're thigh-high in 'em nowadays, of course). The further into the past they recede, the more important a band I suspect they actually were & the greater an opportunity I feel might've been missed in their not becoming a much more prominent act (yer Felt syndrome, innit?). Lyrically, as the world economy folds in on itself & (British) society's infrastructure seems on the verge of total collapse, they sound more prescient than ever. I also came across a couple of interesting articles on them while absentmindedly dipping in & out of Google: a brief postal interview with them just prior to the release of their I Am A Wallet LP (an absoluteclassicmasterpiece if you're not already familiar with it) & an excellent, illuminating post-McCarthy conversation with singer/lyricist Malcolm Eden that's definitely worth 10 minutes of your undivided attention. And... don't fall off your chasie lounge or anything but I discovered this totally unreleased song too (an unmixed outtake from their final Banking, Violence & The Inner Life Today album according to Malcolm's interview). Right click ahoy!


  1. You may already have this, but here's a link to the "This Nelson Rockefellar" 12" with the re-recorded electronic b-sides:


    Still looking for a decent rip of the "Frans Hals" 12" (includes a version of "Frans Hals" featuring a cello and yet another re-recording of "The Fall") and the "Keep An Open Mind Or Else" 12" which features two tracks yet to appear on CD (to my knowledge anyway): "Two Criminal Points of View" and "The New Left Review #1".

  2. Have you tried this one?:


    ...not checked if it works yet though.

  3. Goddamn, I love me some McCarthy. Thanks!!

  4. Yeah, one of my favourites too (I have so many though!). Right click on "totally unreleased song" for that outtake, it's great! x

  5. Fantastic blog! McCarthy were a criminally underated brilliant band and are still name checked by Manic Street Preachers to this day. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Rob, I posted this so long ago that I'd totally forgotten about it! I'll sort out a downloadable mp3 of that unreleased track shortly... I held off previously as I thought it might turn up on one of the Cherry Red reissues...