PHILLIP & HIS FOETUS VIBRATIONS : Tell Me, What Is The Bane Of Your Life? 7"

Big, big thanks to the No Record Shops Left blog for digging this one up, it's one of that handful of records that's proved so scarce (I've been gagging to hear it for a mere 2 deacdes or thereabouts) that I'd seriously begun to doubt it's existance & I'm sure I'm not the only one!

It's the third Foetus 7", released hot the flaming hooves of the Deaf LP in January 1982 & trailered as being "performed by You've Got Foetus On Your Breath in conjunction with Phillip Toss" (another Jim Thirwell nom de plume, along with Clint Ruin & the elusive Frank Want). An Australian ex-pat, at this point Thirwell was living in London (temporarily sharing a flat with the fledgling Fad Gadget if I'm not mistaken), working in the Virgin Megastore by day & knocking out demented records like this by night. His workrate - drugfuelled I suspect (but what would I know?) - was absolutely furious at this point, his imagination constantly haemorrhaging wildly eccentric concepts, culminating in a series of intense, clattering, borderline insane records (c/o his own Self immolation label) by a sucession of increasingly ludicrous, hilariously off-colour pseudonyms: You've Got Foetus On Your Breath, Foetus Under Glass, Foetus Uber Frisco, Foetus In Your Bed, etc. Sadly, however, we're destined never to hear most of them. For reasons best known to himself, Thirwell has systematically refused to reissue any of these formative 45s since their initial release - only "O.K.F.M." (the b-side of his 1981 debut, "Spite Your Face") has ever seen the official light of day again - & then only in crudely bawdlerised form - on a compilation of much later Some Bizzare singles & suchlike. Disappointing, to say the least, 'cos theoretically these early singles, various contemporaneous compilation tracks & his one startling Peel session would make a fascinating album-length anthology. So, er, lighten up Jim!

Oh yeah, do make sure you have a good rummage 'round while you're over at no Record Shops Left 'cos they've posted some marvellous stuff - I guarantee that fans of Clock DVA, Joy Division, Crispy Ambulance & A Certain Ratio will not leave emptyhanded...

And you can see what Baron Thirwell is up to these days here.

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