SKULLFLOWER : Form Destroyer LP

Form Destroyer
Bagged myself a copy of this one back in 1989 c/o Nottingham's world famous (& soon-to-be-deceased) Selectadisc emporium. I was on a psyched-out noise kick at the time, subsisting on a diet of tea & toast & listening to w-a-y too much Terminal Cheesecake, Walking Seeds & Godflesh (having already passed through the jampacked Sonic Youth>Butthole Surfers>Big Black enclosure) &, erm, doing very little else. Thank God for the dole, eh? Anway, I spied this odd-looking LP loitering alone & unloved in some crusty rack or other & bought it simply because I liked the cover - "It's either gonna be amazing or sound like a tenth-rate Black Sabbath" I assured myself - & because it had apparently been beamed in from another dimension (no reviews in the music press 'til later on). It seemed like it was my destiny to own it &, as I was to find out once I'd lugged it home, it was almost certainly the heaviest thing I'd heard at that point...

Formed in 1985, Skullflower (circa Form Destroyer) were Stefan Jaworzyn, Matthew Bower & Stuart Dennison, though the former quit soon afterwards. Gary Mundy (Ramleh) & Philip Best (Whitehouse) were also occasional members at this point, I believe. Jaworzyn's involvement intrigued me more than anything as, at this time, he was the provocatively opinionated benefactor of Shock Express magazine & the Shock label (c/o whom the next couple of Skullflower releases emerged) who had already had the dubious honour of having an "English Albini" tag bestowed upon him. Choosing to use traditional "rock" instrumentation (rather than the tapes/synths favoured by their industrial contemporaries), Skullflower were a fundamental influence on Godflesh & the like &, by degrees, semi-repsonisble for the current wave of avant metal (Sunn O))), et al) I guess? Long unavailable, Form Destroyer was released in a single edition of 1000 copies on the seminal industrial noise label Broken Flag & still sounds absolutely M A S S I V E...


  1. a link for this? please?
    thanks, J

  2. It's there, just click "Form Destroyer", it's highlighted in red... (amazing record btw).