Dead C Morley
The brilliant Doledrums site has just posted a couple of real Port Chalmers holy relics, The Dead C's impossibly scarce The Live Dead See & 43 Sketch For A Poster cassettes here & you'd be a c.l.o.d. to not grant at least one of 'em a listen. I'd recommend the former, & not just 'cos it's the very first Xpressway release (X/Way 01!!!) either. Way back in 1987/88 when this stuff originally snuck out, the band were still playing around within vague song structures rather than interminable jam aesthetic &, no matter how much I admire what they're up to nowadays, it's this formative period that I secretly prefer. The doomy, descending guitar figures, earshredding skree, clattering percussion & laconic, lost-in-fog vocal mutterings still sound like sonic perfection as far as I'm concerned & I could happily listen to this stuff for hours on end, providing a cup of tea was constantly within reach of course. I've got an original copy of their equally hard-to-find Runway cassette (on Michael Morley's Precious Metal label - that's him above btw) which I'll definitely upload shortly as, surprisingly, it doesn't appear to be out there at the mo'. Definitely check out the rest of Doledrums' stuff while you're over there 'cos it's a veritable online warehouse of covetable Kiwi audio baubles, long may they prosper...


  1. Anonymous8.3.09

    Yeah!! I'm following up from The Doldrums-please post runway soon!!

  2. As soon as I can work out how to convert cassettes into MP3 format (duh!) I'll have a crack at it. It's probably the noisiest Dead C stuff I've heard, more like a Gate release actually!

    BTW, just HOW GREAT is The Doledrums, eh? I love that site... IBx

  3. Anonymous9.1.16

    hey there, i've realised this post (and the doledrums) way too late but would love the mp3s of live dead see...any chance you could upload them? thanks, michelle

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I've been meaning to update that Dead C for months... but rather than keep you waiting, here's a link:


    ...I have a couple of other early Dead C cassettes to upload (eventually!) as well. :)

  5. Anonymous10.1.16

    woah incredibly fast! much appreciated, thank you :-)