TELEVISION : Live At The Old Waldorf 1978

No explanation required for this one, I hope? A fantastic soundboard Television set, recorded in San Francisco just prior to the release of their unfairly maligned Adventure LP (during their only U.S. headline tour apparently). More recently, this tape ended up being released by Rhino in a measly edition of 5000 as part of their pricey Handmade series (alongside those essential remastered / expanded editions of the original albums) but, needless to say, it's long gone. Oh yeah, elderly listeners may wish to pull up a chair & take the weight off of their plates for the sprawling 17 minute version of "Marquee Moon"!

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  1. Thanks for this.

    Here's one for you..


  2. This is a really good show...thanks for sharing this...much appreciated....cheers.

  3. This tape ended up being released by Rhino (in a measly edition of 5000) as part of their Handmade series alongside those remastered / expanded editions of the original albums &, needless to say.

  4. Haha, that's not the sort of message I'd usually expect from Viagra Online! Yeah, the Rhino issue was in & out of print so quickly it seemed fair enough that I share it here. I've just picked up an excellent Talking Heads show from the same venue/period that I'll be posting shortly, it's REALLY good... x

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  5. Glad you enjoyed it, & to hear that the link still works... (let me know if you have any problems with it, I posted it AGES ago).

    I definitely recommend you check out the Poor Circulation & Double Exposure bootlegs too, if you haven't already, they're both full of marvelous Television rarities.

  6. Anonymous30.3.12

    The link is dead...

    I was at that show and I'd love a copy of it!

    Ok, I am a great grandfather so I guess that makes me "elderly", but my radio show Music Out of Bounds sure as hell isn't elderly.

  7. Hey Anon, just checked the link & it's still working... just click on the highlighted "tape", OK?

  8. Anonymous10.9.12

    Link is now dead. Any chance of a re-up? Many thanks in advance!

  9. Anonymous1.1.13

    I love you. I really do

  10. Let me know if there's anything else on here you want.

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  12. Anonymous17.10.13

    Would you have the third Television album, called Television and released in 1992, by any chance? Thank you.

  13. I own it, but I don't post music that's still in print - sorry. If you hit up Amazon or Discogs I'm sure you'll find a really cheap copy, & it's v. good album, better than most reunion recordings, so it'd be worth your spending a few quid on it. :)