SMOG : My Shell (1991 Version)

Another holy Smog relic (re: this), namely the original, bedsit-scuzzy version of his classic ('round my humble abode anyway) "My Shell", recorded during his formative &, some might suggest, superior nil-fi era. Released in 1991, it's from an impossible-to-find 7" on his own #1 Hits! label, a split with a couple of Suckdog songs on the other side (Bill & Lisa were an item at this point I believe?). It's a little known fact that this version of "My Shell" was actually extracted from Bill's collateral Tired Tape Machine cassette, one of the rarest Smog artefacts. "Astronaut", his other track on the 7", has since been anthologised on the teeth-grindingly incomplete Accumulation: None compilation, a collection that ultimately creates as many frustrating new loose ends as ties-up old ones (it's a frustrating selection, to put it mildly), but I'm sure that was Bill's intention from the off? Tsk.

N.B. That's not Lisa Suckdog in the photograph above btw, it's (a very young) Chan Marshall. You can find Cat Power's very good, very scarce debut 7" here, you lucky people...


  1. Anonymous25.5.10

    hey mate, can you put this back up somewhere?
    or send us an mp3? alanger@hotmai.co.uk thanks sir!

  2. Sorted! Link replaced + mp3 sent...

    1. Anonymous26.2.12

      Hey man. Great blog. I'd really like to hear this. Would you mind sending it to me too? jason.paul.montagna@gmail.com and if it's not to much trouble that cat power 7" Thank you!

  3. Yep, I'll re-up in a sec, but if you hop over to my post of Smog's Tired Tape Machine on here, you'll find exactly the same version of "My Shell" included as part of that cassette, OK?

  4. Hi - would love a re-up on this one again, if you can be bothered. Cheers.

  5. Aye, I'll do it now...

    Btw, this version is the same one that's on the Tired Tape Machine cassette - that needs re-upping too as Hotfile have just deleted a bunch of my old links (much appreciated obviously!).