BROADCAST : Black Session 2000

You can never have too much Broadcast, particularly when it's as spectacular as this.

Bernard Lenoir is the closest French radio has ever come to a John Peel figure. He's been broadcasting on France Inter & Europe 1 since the early 1970s, initially via his Feedback programme (notable for originally airing Joy Division's pivotal & much bootlegged La Bains Douches show in December 1980) &, more recently, Les Inrockuptibles (inspiring the magazine of the same name) & C'est Lenoir. His (ongoing) Black Sessions are a mindboggling who's-who of contemporary alternative music & superior to pretty much anything on British national radio (anybody & everybody half decent has appeared on it). Broadcast's show was recorded at La Maison De La Radio, Paris back on 4th May 2000 during "The Noise Made By People" tour & captures them at their (possible) finest - Billy Bainbridge's dazzling noise constructs are still fully in evidence (previously of Plone, he's since departed to form Seeland with another ex-Broadcastee, Tim Felton) & the band, no doubt confident from weeks of performing, are happy to let the songs drift off much further into semi-abstraction than on record. I saw them myself at this point & can testify that the combination of strange filmloops, uncanny electronic sound & Trish's lovely vocals really was quite an experience. The only downside is that Lenoir, like our own Peel, has a tendency to start babbling at precisely the wrong moment but, in all fairness, his accent manages to make even "Birmingham" sound relatively sexy so give him a break, eh?


  1. Wow thanks for this awesome recording!
    Too bad this band has lost too many members to play their two first albums again.
    I would have loved seeing those songs played in concert.

  2. Yeah, I (sort of) agree... As much as I love Tender Buttons & everything else they've done since, I heard The Noise Made By People in a record shop a few weeks back & was staggered at how great it still sounds!

    I was lucky enough to see Broadcast live a couple of times circa Ha Ha Sound, when Plone were their backing band, & they really WERE wonderful. Such a shame about the "downsizing", eh?

  3. RIP Trish! Thanks kindly for this.

  4. More BCast to follow...