CAN : Prehistoric Future

Can were formed in Cologne in mid 1968 & recorded this inugeral jam at Schloss Norvenich (a castle!) in June of that year. Vocalist Malcolm Mooney didn't beam down until Autumn, so these initial recordings are made even more droolworthy by the presence of David Johnson (on flute & tapes) & Manni Lohe (flute & vocals), whose fleeting membership is generally overlooked or conveniently ignored. Alongside Carioli, Liebezeit, Czukay & Schmidt they summon up a loutish, barbaric racket that brings to mind the James Brown Band boorishly stumbling through a spontaneous cover of "Sister Ray". It's raw as fuck, defiantly shambolic & definitely pre-Kosmische. Even the flute sounds uncouth (it probably stank of patchouli too).

Originally released on C30 cassette in 1984 by Pascal Bussey's ace Tago Mago label (also responsible for a very scarce This Heat / Albert Marcoeur tape which you can find here), these recordings apparently pre-date the sessions for their still-unreleased debut LP, Prepared To Meet Thy Pnoom (portions of which turned up on Delay:68) &, primitive or not, still hold their own alongside contemporary wannabes like Wooden Shjips...
Bless yers: Earcraft & Mutant Sounds.

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