FOUR TET : Dialogue

When Trevor Jackson unexpectedly wound up his Output imprint a couple of years back, citing a creeping disillusionment with the music industry (& with certain acts he'd previously a big leg-up to, that's you J____ M______), it became immediately apparent how many great records he'd been a catalyst in releasing & how much we'd all been taking his label for granted. Think about it: LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Black Strobe, Volga Select, Mu, Gramme, Colder, Luke Abbot, Circlesquare, Icarus, Kate Wax, DK7, Sonovac, 7 Hurtz, Dead Combo, Fridge & Four Tet all came to prominance as a direct result of Jackson's terrific talent-scouting skills & bloody minded intent on promoting quality electronica. As well as being musically idiosyncratic, Output's releases were all gorgeously packaged as well, down to Jackson's sophisticated, forward-looking graphic design skills. He's been very quiet since Output's demise, I hope he hasn't retreated to a cave somewhere to misanthropically bang rocks together & bemoan the state of the music industry?
Output's connection with the fledgling Keiran Hebden was certainly one of it's most creatively fruitful relationships. Initially recording as part of the Tortoise-inspired Fridge - a sporadically succesful experiment in minimalist electronic rock - it was the release of his first solo LP, Four Tet's Dialogue in 1999 (alongside a series of interesting experimental singles), that things really started sounding interesting. Signing to Domino on the back of this promising debut, he's since become one of the U.K.'s most highly regarded (& prolific) leftfield musicians, spanning the gulf between online 'zine & Sunday supplement without exerting too much obvious effort. Dialogue has been out of print for some time now &, with Jackson apparently having no interest in re-releasing any of Output's back catalogue, the chances of finding a copy for less than an Adam Smith nowadays'd appear pretty slim (surprising considering Domino's often opportunistic reissue schedule). Attentive listeners will notice a none-too-subtle Roxy Music cameo on "3.3 Degrees From The Pole", which leads me to me wonder how many other, less obvious samples I might've failed to recognise...


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