21 June 2009


I can vividly recall Peel playing "Kitchen Motors" on his show way back when I was still recording his show on my parents' Amstrad home hi-fi system, developing my shithot pause button technique & hoping that my dad wouldn't find out that I'd taped over his Neil Sedaka cassettes with You've Got Foetus On Your Breath & Fire Engines sessions. Figured the opportunity for me ever seeing these vids was long gone but, nope, Youtube has saved my sorry arse yet again. For the record, CCIS appeared on The (legendary) Uncle Floyd Show on 4 different occasions, so fingers crossed somebody'll upload more footage sharpish. I wonder if Adult. were watching when this stuff was first aired 'cos much of their career has been an explicit homage to CCIS's diminutive back catalogue really, hasn't it? Not that James Murphy ("Losing My Edge") & DJ Hell ("Follow You") shouldn't be looking a little shifty either...


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