HANATARASH : Hanatarashi

Hanatarash ("snot nosed") is what the young Yamatsuka Eye & Mitsuru Tabata got up to in Osaka before toning it down a bit & forming Boredoms/Zeni Geva. It's a pretty juvenile, Whitehouse-indebted racket (see: Hanatarash III: William Bennet Has No Dick) but not without some visceral, cathartic merit - providing you're fond of a little eye-watering, sinus-clearing power electronica now & then. It's perhaps worth bearing in mind that Hanatarash were as much about their extreme live performances as merely releasing records - slicing dead cats in half, terrorising the audience with circular saws & plate glass windowpanes or attempting to demolish the venue with a bulldozer were all part of the setlist at some point. The best bit is often the audience's energised/scared shitless response:

This is Hanatarash's eponymous debut from 1985 & it's ludicrously rare. If it leaves you craving more, be prepared to either pay through the nose for the privilege (the original Alchemy LPs are highly prized nowadays) or to track down Superman Cha Cha's recent (semi-legit?) We Are Hardcore set - five entire discs of early, ultra-harsh Hanatarash ear aggro...

Now clear that mess up, young man!

P.S. Linkage c/o Querbeet (thanks).


  1. Anonymous30.10.09

    Somehow I love this band, even though they don't do anything but break stuff on stage.

  2. Thanks for the racket.

  3. Look after your ears! x

  4. Still sounds good, eh?