BECK'S RECORD CLUB : The Velvet Underground & Nico

You might've read that Beck has recently set himself the unenviable task of recreating various classic albums, aided only by a few likeminded friends & the skin of his musical teeth, & posting the results in a track-by-track, day-by-day fashion on his freshly overhauled website. Alarmingly, the first LP to get the Beck's Record Club treatment is the V.U.'s unfuckingtouchable fruit-adorned debut. Some of it's fantastic (both "European Son" & "Black Angel's Death Song" are outstanding) & some of it's mere tossed-off flakiness ("There She Goes Again") but if any rockstar is gonna have a crack at reinterpreting such a masterful sequence of songs I'd rather it be Beck Hansen than most (God help us if Noel Gallagher gets wind of this concept!). And, of course, it's a clever way of getting us to check out that flash new website innit? Conveniently, some forward-thinking, anonymous Robin Hood-type has posted all 11 Beck jams as a single file. No idea how long this'll hang around (as long as it takes for the cease & desist e-mail to appear in their inbox I 'spose) so, erm, form a disorderly queue, etc...

Future Record Club sessions will focus on Skip Spence's Oar (recorded in collaboration with Wilco) & Beck's own Modern Guilt (with Devendra Banhart, MGMT & others), it says 'ere.



  1. Anonymous27.9.09

    Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson You're all fakes run to your mansions. Come round here we'll kick your asses ...

    I thought that guy Beck retired. He's never really been sure what kind of scene or style of music to put himself in.

    Devendra Banhart and MGMT, it's always surprising when you read about these douches like this who have stylists. It must be hard for them to find pick what neon colored bandana to put on their head or what to wear to the Nylon party. Such rebels they are.

    I always puke when I read about MGMT being fans of Chrome and Helios Creed. With the sound they make you would think that they would be more fans of wimpy indie pop like Animal Collective and Of Montreal.

    Anyway nice blog.

  2. I've always had time for Beck, funnily enough. He does come across as a slightly lost & desperate soul these days though - I mean, LPs with Dangermouse FFS, that's proper mid-life crisis stuff?! His recent-ish live session for BBC3 made horrible viewing, aimless & half-baked, but the jewellery rattling freeloaders in attendence lapped it up, of course...

    The whole Banhart/MGMT axis turns my stomach tbh - glad to see it's not just me who finds their upper middle class psychotropic wasitrel / minstrel shit highly dubious. Coincidently, Animal Collective played at the venue I work at earlier this year &, wow, WHAT a bunch of arrogant, repellent cunts THEY are. Beards can really fuck up a bloke's head can't they?


  3. mrrey239.12.09

    Been scouring your blog, so much musical goodness! Mmmm! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous15.9.10