THE RESIDENTS : The Beatles Play The Residents & The Residents Play The Beatles

Released by Ralph Records in 1977, The Beatles Play The Residents & The Residents Play The Beatles 7" represents the final chapter in The Residents' deconstructive audio collage period - the hypothetical third (& final) side of The Third Reich'N'Roll if you like. Simultaneously saluting & satirizing the Fab Four the a-side, "Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life", loops & pastes excerpts from around 20 Apple originals (& at least one by John Lennon), including a quote from their fanclub-only Third Christmas Record ("Please everybody, if we haven't done what we could have done, we've tried..."). Overleaf, The Residents make a relatively straight attempt at "Flying", allegedly because it was the only composition in the entire Beastles catalogue that's credited to all four Beatles. It's worth pointing out that interest in The Residents' identities was at it's zenith when this 45 was originally released & the possibility that they might actually be a secretly reconvened Fabs hadn't been ruled out! Ralph Records were no doubt heartily amused to discover that hardcore Beatles fanatics were snapping up extortionately priced copies despite it essentially being a demolition job on their heroes' glorious heritage? Only 500 copies were originally pressed, & though these tracks have briefly reappeared as CD bonus tracks in the interim they appear to be OOP again now.



  1. ?uestionMark17.11.09

    Hi ! I tried to contact you directly, but it's apparently impossible : either here or on your profile, I saw no "contact" link, so I have to try it here, hoping you'll read this comment...
    I read on Weescoosa that you saw the original artwork of the Residents' Baby Sex. I'm wondering if you not only saw it, but actually have a copy of it so you could send it to me, because I just can't seem to find it. Don't worry, I'm not into CP (and if I was, there would be other ways to get some...), I just need it for three reasons :
    1) I'd really like to see how far they went in provocation, though at the time it was more seen as "art" than deviance ;
    2) A real cover art, even disturbing, is always better than a simple tracklist in a music folder ;
    3) I really enjoy bad taste humour, and how worse can it be than that ?

    You can contact me at bfg9000@hotmail.fr (I put my address here because it doesn't work properly in the identification window, don't know why...)

  2. Many years ago (early 90s?) somebody sent me a b/w photocopied Residents discography that an anonymous completist fan had put together & the sleeve of "B.S." (albeit approx 2"x2" dimension) was included in that. It seemed more "odd" than shocking at the time, though obviously society's attitude to that sort of image has (understandably!) changed drastically in the meantime - it was sourced from some sort of Danish h/c mag I believe? Said discography was quite widely distributed so there must still be plenty of copies out there, though I ditched mine ages ago (it was only a few tatty sheets of p'copied A4 paper afterall). I've never seen it, or the sleeve, reproduced anywhere else (online or otherwise) so I've no idea where you might track it down I'm afraid...

  3. ?uestionMark17.11.09

    OK. Well, thanx anyway ! I hope I'll come across it someday... You wouldn't know the name of the mag by any chance ?

  4. 'Fraid not, have you tried mailing a Residents fan-site like www.theresidents.co.uk for further info? Might be worth a shot...