NO TREND : Inner Ear Session (Teen Love 7" + more)

I heard this last week for the first time in a long while - & it still sounded absolutely amazing. Pissed off Washington psyche punk miscreants from the mid-80s, No Trend were often compared to San Francisco's Flipper &, while I can see the parallels, I think the only thing those 2 bands genuinely had in common was a rather evident shared love for Metal Box. Oh, & repetition - snarling, dirgelike repetition. And, erm, venomous, utterly disgusted cynicism (we musn't forget the cynicism!). However, whereas Flipper were very obviously in thrall to "classic"-era Public Image Limited, No Trend also sucked on the withered teat of austere Brit-gore anarchos Discharge & Flux Of Pink Indians at their most harrowing (i.e. the screeching cacophony of The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks LP, etc).
Teen Love was No Trend's debut 7", recorded at DC's Inner Ear (reknown as the Discord studio & then based in Don Zientara's basement, it's still in operation today) & released on their own eponymous label in 1983 (they re-released it a year later on 12", heavily remastered with a couple of extra tracks). The link I'm posting here represents that entire, initial Zientara-produced Inner Ear session & was fleetingly issued by Teenbeat in 1995 as part of their The Early Months retrospective (currently £75 on Amazon!). Most of their subsequent releases are online if you can be bothered to look: 1984's Too Many Humans is a must-hear - it's even more outraged & troublesome than their debut in places - while the following year's A Dozen Dead Roses explores as-then uncharted, caustic in-roads into a nascent, poisonous pseudo-goth sound (it includes all their Heart Of Darkness EP, recorded with & originally released by Lydia Lunch on her own Widowspeak outlet btw).

Inner Ear


  1. Anonymous26.10.09

    hi man, i'm from brazil and here is completely impossible to find any walking seeds record. so i have to ask you, please, upload the "Sensory Deprivation Chamber Quartet Dwarf" EP.. please!

    and sorry about my mediocre english, bye

  2. Argh, I've been looking for that online too. I have it on vinyl (along with most of their other records) but it's stashed away in my folks' garage. I'll dig it out shortly & upload it 'cos you're not the first person to ask...

    In the meantime, do you need any of these?:





  3. Anonymous27.10.09

    wow! :)

    thanks a lot man, walkingseeds are fuckin' great

  4. No worries, their Peel sessions are online too if you have a dig about. Let me know if you come across their Upwind Of Disaster, Downwind Of Atonement LP 'cos I'd really like to hear that one again...

  5. Anonymous27.10.09




  6. Whoa, nice work! This was always my fav WSeeds LP I think - I played it last night & it sounded better than ever. Is this your link or something you found online 'cos I'd defo like to put it up on my blog, what do you think?

    Just remembered... I've got the Marque Chapmann 12" & a (semi-legit) bootleg LP by them stashed away somewhere too - the latter's called Earth Is Hell if I remember correctly & was recorded around the time of Bad Orb Whirling Ball - I defo need to get into my folks' garage & start dragging some of this stuff out...!

  7. Anonymous28.10.09

    i would really appreciate that!

    and.. i found "Upwind Of Disaster, Downwind Of Atonement" here:


    not my upload :(

  8. Thanks for the heads-up, there's some real hard-to-find stuff on that list, defo gonna cherrypick a few bits for the ol' laptop! Might swipe that WSeeds link too tbh (I have no shame, etc), the more folk that hear it the better I reckon? Do you use Phantasytour often for this kind of thing 'cos I've never heard of it before tbh...?

  9. Anonymous29.10.09

    man, try soulseek... GREAT p2p program

    for music i just use soulseek or torrent... or google (hehe) but sometimes it doesn't work very well

  10. Thanks for this and the head's up to "I Have My Brain..." I have the No Trend 45 with "Mass Sterilization" on it. I'll never forget hearing that for the first time. Had to pull myself off the floor after that. Look forward to hearing this one. Cheers.

  11. No worries, defo give Too Many Humans a listen (if you haven't already), it's just as good as the e.p.: http://www.mediafire.com/?4hnyt1jmlm0