THE SHOP ASSISTANTS : John Peel Sessions 8/10/85 + 11/11/86

Beware, there are deluded "twee" apologists aplenty who've convinced themselves that Edinburgh's mighty Shop Assistants are one of their bands. Fortunately, as per most of the C86 acts, these pre-pube hairgrip-sporting juves are seriously mistaken - the Shoppies (sorry) may have apologetically shambled but they also gloriously ROCKED, & never more so than on their two classic Peel sessions. Though I still dig their 7"s out occasionally, I hadn't heard either of these Beeb sets for ages. Listening to them I was briefly transported back to a mid-80s D.I.Y. netherworld of hissy late night FM, scuffed leathers, tatty denim, hoarded stacks of old NMEs & parties in damp 'n' dingy council flats. Heaven, basically. Sadly, Tallulah fucking Gosh & their paedo-lite ilk eventually crashed the party, totally missing The Point & ruining everything - they didn't like those horrid A Witness or Five Go Down To The Sea records at all, ma'am. Seriously though, if you've yet to hear Alex yelp her way through "Ace Of Spades" then you're honestly in for a bit of a treat...


Ta to Hopeless for the linkage & Fruiter Than Thou for the top notch Polaroid. There's a decent fan site here & an interesting retrospective here too.


  1. Anonymous17.1.10

    thanks a lot, loved listening to this back in the day unfortunately all my shitty maxell cassette copies are long gone so cheers

  2. I've got a live show on tape somewhere (probably on a "shitty Maxell actually!), I'll get it uploaded if I ever find it...

  3. Hi I'm visiting from over at the Barney Bubbles show at David Wills tells tales, where your site is a log to behold. Is this your design? Nice.

  4. Ta, you're very kind. Just goes to show that if you stumble about in the dark long enough & press enough random buttons summut interesting can happen... (!)

    Love your B.Bubbles site, only found it at the weekend, there's so much great stuff on there I think I might need a day off work to go through it all. LOTS of stuff on there that I've never seen before, a really important resource I think, especially now that folk are beginning to rediscover his work again...

  5. Anonymous7.5.10

    fuckin shite

  6. Thanks Anon, you're such a cutie. x

  7. Thanks PPP, glad to see the link is still working! It's about time I gave these sessions about listen myself I reckon...