CRYSTAL STILTS : Departure (Promo) / Daytrotter Session 2009

Only a year old & already sounding like a bona fide classic, Crystal Stilts' debut album was definitely one of my favourite records of 2009. I've only just discovered Kate Thomas's (official) "Departure" trailer though, a particularly watchable compilation of period news footage from (by the looks of it) the Parisian student protests in 1968. As that stuff only seems to be shown in the briefest of snippets these days - absolute dissent being a relatively alien concept in Western Europe these days afterall - & then generally only as filler in self-congratulatory BBC3 retrospectives about what a countercultural scamp Alan Yentob was at university (etc.), it's very interesting to see so much unadulterated, quality documentation of that era of in one place. I don't watch too much t.v. these days but I'm guessing that the Stilts' video didn't receive blanket coverage from MTV & the like either? Conspiracy!

I'm not gonna post their (excellent) Alright Of Night LP as it's still readily obtainable & I'm certain they'd much rather you buy a copy, so here's their Daytrotter session instead, recorded last April & containing one otherwise unavailable song, the intriguing "Sycamore Tree" (the "Through The Floor" demo is included as a bonus). I'm linking to a nice live clip too, shot about a year ago - having seen them perform a couple of times myself last year I can vouch for their being pretty impressive onstage, but somebody really ought to take the keyboard player to one side & ask him to pipe down...

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