Two bits of welcome, totally unexpected news were waiting for me when I logged on this afternoon. First up, Cliff Richard's Neck, one of my favourite blogs, is finally back in action & secondly, amidst a veritable squall of activity, they've posted both of The Moodists' crackin' Peel sessions from 1984/85. The second of these remains, very simply, one of the band's finest recorded moments - chronicling them as they approached the end of their career, miserably slumming it in dreary London & flirting, perhaps just a little awkwardly, with tentative commercialism for the first time. Some of these songs would appear in embellished form (with horn sections & everything) on their final flurry of releases, notably a long forgotten 12" on Creation Records & the blink-&-you'd-missed-it Hey Little Gary EP but, mark my words, you'll never find 'em. Is anybody ever gonna anthologise this stuff?
Anyway, massive thanks to Cliff Richard's Neck, I'd given up on ever hearing "Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town" again, you've made my day!

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