THE DURUTTI COLUMN : Intruders At The Palace (1988)

Intruders At The Palace was my introduction to The Durutti Column &, thereby, the music of Vini Reilly. Recorded at London's Dominion Theatre in July 1988, it was a series of benefit shows for The ICA, the bill also featuring David Bowie (with avant garde dance troupe La La Human Steps), David Byrne & The Kronos Quartet. Excerpts were broadcast on BBC2 over August Bank Holiday that year, including all three of Vini's songs, which I conveniently stumbled across while restlessly channel-hopping. Completely transfixed, I went out & bought my first Durutti Column record the following day (The Guitar & Other Machines, just so you know). Seeing it again, more than two decades on, time stalls, my heart skips a beat & a chill inches down my spine, it's such a first-rate performance (are they always this good?). "Jacqueline", their third & final song, is simply exceptional- Vini & Bruce (Mitchell, long-term Durutti Column percussionist) continually pushing each other onwards, honestly appearing to astound each other by the time it's over. It's so refreshing to see musicians enjoying themselves for once...
Massive thanks to Spacehopper 70, whoever he/she might be, for bothering to upload this invaluable footage - I've watched it half a dozen times already...


  1. Anonymous1.4.12

    hey - stumbled upon this blogpost and just had to say this was also my first exposure to them too!

    fantastic performance (i've not found a version of jacqueline better!).
    Also on that show was Hugo Largo (again first time I'd heard them) and Byrne and Les Miserables(?) were just great.

    um, not a massively informative comment I guess, but....

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I'd forgotten about Hugo Largo. Their performance has been uploaded to Youtube (in several parts) too: