MAX HEADROOM & THE VOICE OF VRILLON : Culture Jamming 1977-87

The Max Headroom Broadcast Interruption Incident was a renown hijacking of the prime time television signal in Chicago, Illinois. It's a thus-far unequalled instance of what is known in the t.v. industry as broadcast signal intrusion, or culture jamming in media activist circles. Taking place on the evening of 22 November 1987, the intruder was successful in interrupting 2 television stations within 3 hours, & neither the hijacker nor his accomplices were ever identified (though Devo & The Residents were presumably rounded up for questioning!). The disturbing thing about it is that it's so cryptic - the lack of any apparent meaning resulting in perplexed head-scratching for the unsuspecting viewer rather than anger & outrage. Fortunately, as the second interruption took place during an episode of Dr. Who ("The Horror Of Fang Rock" actually), plenty of people were recording at the time...

Additionally, this earlier English incident - though an audio-only intrusion & thereby nowhere near as spectacular - sounds pretty hilarious (or creepy, depending on your perspective) too. David Icke's a big fan of this one - surprised?

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