impLOG : "Breakfast" 7" (1980)

I originally posted impLOG's infamously elusive "Breakfast" over a year ago, & STILL it "languishes in Reissue Waiting Room Hell". Surprisingly so, in fact - there's been so much interest in their remarkable "Holland Tunnel Drive" 12" that I figured some enterprising opportunist might've stuck both of their 45s onto CD by now, supplemented with whatever contemporaneous junk Don Christensen could find in the attic. C'mon Soul Jazz, get your act together!

To reiterate: impLOG's "Breakfast"/"She Creatures" 7" was released in 1980 on the band's own Log label. A copy'll currently set you back $500 on Discogs. The "Holland Tunnel Dive"/"On B'way" 12" followed later the same year, courtesy of Charles Ball's pre-eminent Lust/Unlust. Christensen & impLOG co-conspirator Jody Harris had previously played together in The Contortions. Harris went on to found The Raybeats & collaborate with Robert Quine (on the Escape LP, another vital Lust/Unlust artifact). Each of impLOG's 4 officially released tracks could conceivably be by a totally different band. I like that. Though you might've missed it, Christensen temporarily revived the impLOG moniker in 2005 for the Philip Glass remix project, Glass Cuts.

Breakfast Creatures

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