BORIS : Buzz In (Optimo Remix) (2009)

Continuing the techno/psychedelia crossover, I've just unearthed this intriguing hook-up between spaced-out Japanese metallers Boris & JD Twitch, one half of Glasgow's ever-versatile Optimo (who seem as happy remixing Flux Of Pink Indians 7"s as they are DJ-ing back-to-back with Ivan Smagghe these days). Commissioned as part of Scion's A/V remix project (it's called "doing a corporate" I believe?), it actually dates from last August so I've been dismally slow on the uptake this time 'round. Twitch's overhaul is characteristically radical: "Buzz In" originally appeared on Boris' Smile LP in standard "rock" form. His remix dispenses with practically the entire track, rendering it virtually unrecognisable while tripling it's length. I'm only a couple of plays into it as I type & am not quite sure what I make of it yet, it's certainly rather euphoric. First impressions? I'm vaguely reminded of the KLF - not sure why! - & I'd definitely be much happier if the final minute of Fennesz-esque electro-ambient wash was an hour or so longer. Am sure it makes much more sense on a massive system so, as I'm off to see Twitch here tonight, fingers crossed he'll do the honours? Tally ho.

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