FOLK DEVILS : Hanks Turns Blue 7" (1984)

Though Folk Devils weren't necessarily revered in their time, it seems like everybody who loved them back then (in the mid-late 1980s) is still borderline evangelical about them now. Formed by the late, great Ian Lowrey from the wreckage of the promising (but short-lived) Ski Patrol, Folk Devils' debut was this rabble-rousing 7" double whammy on Ganges Records (bankrolled by Ray Ganges of Rude Boy fame). Allegedly recorded for £180 (the band's combined dole money), it's a seditious, sinewy marriage of inflammatory punk & alcohol-ravaged blues. Imagine Jeffrey Lee Pierce's Gun Club, circa Fire of Love, bloodied, high on something cheap & unpleasant, & stalking the streets of Notting Hill afterhours. John Peel quite rightly adored them, playing the 7" to death & booking them in for 3 legendarily snotty sessions in quick succession. Quite why they remain unreleased, & their 3/4 singles out of print, is anybody's guess.


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