THE HUMAN LEAGUE : On Viennese TV (1980)

The original Human League, recorded live for Viennese TV in 1980 & rescued from a 30 year old VHS tape (though not by me, I should add). Quality is pretty shaky but, like me, you've probably become accustomed to leftfield musical artefacts of this vintage displaying mandatory built-in cassette wobble? You're unlikely to find visual documentation of their "Perfect Day" cover (later adapted by the B.E.F. for Music Of Quality & Distinction Vol.1) anywhere else I reckon, so make the most of it...


  1. This is excellent - well found!

  2. There's some great early League stuff up on Youtube at the mo, somebody's definitely been clearing out the attic!

  3. Anonymous21.8.10

    Excellent Material thanks for sharing...!