THE PASTELS : Marc Riley Session 10th March 2010

Nice to know that The Pastels are still out there somewhere, eh? It's now 13 years since their last "proper" album, 1997's Illumination, a siesta of Axl Rose proportions. Not to dismiss 2002's The Last Great Wilderness set - it's one of their loveliest records but is, of course, a soundtrack rather than a collection of Pastels songs. And their collaboration with Tenniscoats, though charming naturally, compromises The Pastels' core sound somewhat. I'm assuming that the lack of a new Pastels LP is down to their perfectionism rather than simple lethargy?

Currently comprised of just Stephen & Katrina, with a pool of occasional contributors constantly at hand, they're apparently "still working on a new LP for Domino", due Godsknowswhen. Perhaps these 3 charming songs will be on it? For want of a metaphor, I've turned to their Myspace page where they describe their "accidental sound" as "gentle clang" & "sudden suddenness", & who am I to take issue with that?
Pastels (s)
I've Still Got My Pastels Badge


  1. Thanks for sharing this - I was wondering what the Pastels are up to these days . . .

  2. Ditto! Really like what they're up to, wish they'd get a move on & actually RELEASE something though...

  3. Anonymous16.8.14

    Hi, I think this photo is previous to that Marc Riley session. Someone can tell me who is the guitarist with the acoustic guitar, thanks!