B.C. GILBERT & G. LEWIS : Ends With The Sea 7" (1981)

G+L Front
G+L Back
Magritte Mirror
In the interests of balance (or something), here's a little more post-Wire fallout, from Bruce Gilbert & Graham Lewis this time. Released on 4AD in April 1981, it's interesting to see the all-too-evident conceptual division between the 2 factions of Wire when comparing "Ends With The Sea" with the previous 7" I posted, Colin Newman's comparatively commercial "We Means We Starts". That said, "Ends With The Sea" is one of Lewis & Gilbert's least alienating releases from their early 80s period but - & we might as well concede this from the off - it was never likely to set the Top 40 alight, was it? In essence: further exploratory, loop-based, almost Eastern-sounding processed / percussive music along the lines of their 3R4 album (another 4AD obscurity), or their earlier Cupol 12" (ditto), all of who's trajectories hurtled out of the controlled chaos of Document & Eyewitness with remarkable velocity. Just like Newman's first few post-Wire releases actually, but in an entirely different direction - towards Dome, in fact.

N.B. I couldn't find any decent L/G pics but René Magritte does the job rather nicely I think?


  1. I'm sure there's some Gilbert / Lewis stuff on Cherry Red's Perspective and Distortions - was going to dig it out for the Matt Johnson track anyway.

    Once went to a small nightclub in Lisbon which was covered in Magritte murals and full of Twin Peaks style misfits. Freaky...


  2. I've not heard of this Perspective / Distortions comp, sounds v.interesting though, are you gonna post it?

    A club full of Magritte murals sounds fantastic, though Lisbon's a bit of a hike unfortunately!

  3. Just dug it out - actual title is Perspectives and Distortion - and it's a 1981 comp featuring no Gilbert & Lewis whatsoever but it does have Fripp, Lemon Kittens, Kevin Coyne & Virgin Prunes on it amongst many others. Will post some stuff off it soon.

    Dubious Opal / Mazzy Star text now in place... got waylaid.

  4. It looks really good: Mark Perry, Lol Coxhill, Five Or Six, Kevin Coyne... er, could you post ALL of it? Would defo like to hear it...