COLIN NEWMAN : We Means We Starts 7" (1982)

Virtually impossible to locate nowadays, Colin Newman's "We Means We Starts" 7" was released by 4AD in 1982, in-between his Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish & Not To LPs. "We Means...", with it's honeyed guitar-led pop sensibilities & crafty lyrical abstractions, explicitly pre-figures the reconciled Wire's 1988 nearly-hit "Kidney Bingos" & would doubtless have been one of Not To's highlights if Newman had seen fit to include it. The B-side is a remixed version of that album's mellifluous title track & is possibly my favourite of all his solo recordings.
Both songs reappeared (briefly) in the late 80s when 4AD reissued both of Newman's LPs as a single CD. The 1st 3000 copies included CN1, an interesting "6-track companion" EP that rounded up various period outtakes omitted from the packed-out 2-fer reissue due to inevitable time constraints. Anyone interested in Newman's solo work, or Wire's Mute era, will definitely appreciate it.


  1. Thanks for these great tracks! I haven't heard much Wire-related projects, with exception to a Bruce Gilbert solo album recently reissued by Editions-Mego.

  2. Glad you like 'em. Most of Colin Newman's solo stuff is worth a listen I reckon? Lewis & Gilbert are a bit more hit & miss, but I'm a big fan of this one:


    ...it's dirt cheap on Amazon at the mo' btw! All we need now is a Robert Gotobed LP, eh?

  3. I love that Singing Fish lp. Thanks for these! I was overjoyed to see Wire in 2008 when Colin, Robert and Graham toured with Margaret Fiedler after the release of Object 47.

  4. Yeah, I saw them on that tour too, thought they were terrific! Definitely give the Not To album a listen if you've not already familiar with it, it includes studio recordings of lots of stuff from Document & Eyewitness...

  5. Absolutely beautiful track from early 1982. I have this on vinyl as well as the three early LPs Mr. Newman released at that time (plus on CD now too). I was pleased he did not include this one on Not To as this was typical of early Wire which often saw their commercial side separated from their arty left-field leanings with singles not appearing on albums. The Lewis/Gilbert duo stuff shows the non-commercial side of the band but even they couldn't help themselves with stuff that was still catchy like "Ends With The Sea" and "Like This For Ages". Not To's version of "Lorries" is the best I have heard and even if Wire do remake the D & E LP, which is the latest rumour going around and re-do that song, it cannot beat the Not To version for pure harmonious beauty.

  6. I'll re-up this shortly as it's a proper beauty, innit? I have Colin's 1st 3 solo outings but never got 'round to buying Commercial Suicide. The bits I've heard are so-so, is it a grower? Tell me: DO I NEED TO BUY IT?

    G&L's post-Wire stuff passed me by a little bit, I often thought it typified Wire's worst "avant excesses", but I'm not ruling out purchasing that lovely Dome box they've released, it looks lovely & (apparently) sounds fantastic - a lot of their original releases suffered from poor, flat mastering I thought?

    I've been submerging myself in Bruce's solo oeuvre recently, he's put out some incredible left field music in his time, hasn't he?