MEMORYHOUSE : The Years EP (2010)

OK, it's not often that I post new music on here, so make the most of this... Memoryhouse are a somnambulant, hauntological boy/girl duo from Canada. I know next to nothing about them, 'cept that their names are Denise Nouvion & Evan Abeele (a photographer & a "neo-classical composer" respectively) & that their one (DL-only) EP to date, The Years, sounds like a Kendra Smith-fronted Broadcast channeling an ectoplasmic Boards Of Canada remix c/o Reed Richards' Negative Zone. Indie blogs'll inform you that Memoryhouse are "hotly tipped practitioners of chillwave" or "blissed-out glo-fiers" no doubt, but let's just label them good ol' fashioned psychedelia & be done with it, hmm? They've been giving these 4 hazy songs away for nothing c/o Arcade Sound for a few months now - their only non-virtual release to date, a 7" featuring 2 versions of "To The Lighthouse" on Inflated Records, has just been repressed on translucent blue vinyl & is available here. If there's one thing better than free music it's good free music, & The Years is marvellous throughout - I honestly can't stop playing it, Favourite New Band Alert, etc...

Update: Memoryhouse later re-recorded this virtual E.P. in it's entirety for release on Sub Pop in 2011. Just to clarify, the versions posted here are the original self-released incarnations - you can purchase the "redux" edition here.

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