SMOG : Tired Tape Machine (1990)

More nil-fi flotsam from Bill Callahan's Maryland years. Recorded, primitively, in Pasadena way back in May 1990, & originally released on cassette on his own Disaster label, Tired Tape Machine found Bill cautiously edging towards bare-bones melody for the first time. A handful of these songs were extracted by Drag City for inclusion on Smog's Floating EP & Forgotten Foundation LP. A few others appeared in reworked form on peripheral releases such as the My Shell 7" & the Burning Kingdom EP. Tired Tape Machine sounds like shit, but most early Smog did of course...


  1. Anonymous15.9.10

    my cat's name is smog

  2. Does he/she own a copy of Macramé Gunplay perchance?

  3. Ian Edmondson18.9.10

    So many thanks for this.

  4. shit is good...

    i do belive these legendery cassettes, `macramé gunplay` & `a table setting` are impossible to find. i think they are mostly gtr noise stuff (like `cow`). been looking for them for ten-fithteen years yeah.

    anyone got em drop me a line: son_sonny80@hotmail.com)


  5. M, is it too optimistic to hope for a Smog cassette boxset one day do you think? Domino records generally reissue anything they can get their hands on, it's such a shame Bill's early work has yet to be properly addressed...

    Oh well. x

  6. Anonymous11.11.10

    Compared to what it could of been Accumilation:None was shit. Badly need a Accumilation: More (and MORE as in Everything that wasnt on it)

    p.s.if u like shit: go here www.myspace.com/fathersetcetcetc (links for free album to dload on dare innit)


  7. Haha, I totally agree! Accumulation:None was/is obviously a massive missed opportunity, but pretty much what I've cover to expect from Bill C nowadays tbh. Omitting terrific songs like "My Shell", "Winestained Lips" & "Your Face" smacks of sheer bloodymindedness in retrospect - no wonder I stopped buying his records!

    I might compile a little bundle of Smog obscurities for a future upload actually, is there anything in particular you're looking for?