FACTORY FLOOR : Talking On Cliffs EP (2009)

A ludicrously scarce Japan-only e.p., Talking On Cliffs was released in minute quantities by Magnetic Records last Summer & is currently for sale on Amazon over here (1 copy only!) for a paltry £36. I've no idea when/where this material was recorded, whether any of it will turn up as part of Factory Floor's debut album (when they finally get 'round to putting one out), or if it's even a wholly "official" release anyway - apologies for the uncharacteristic vagueness. It sounds awesome though: disembodied vocals, wrecked guitars, & jagged sequenced electronics with a thick streak of DOA-era T.G. coursing right through 'em. Surely the NME doesn't really like this sort of thing these day, does it?

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  1. Anonymous7.11.10

    Great post, some really interesting stuff on here.
    But as for any of this stuff seeing the light of day on their debut LP, I wouldn't hold my breath, they seem to be changing their sound and evolving almost on a monthly basis, as this stream of a recent live set shows...Plus they're only really at the demo stage with the debut yet.
    They're the best, most exciting band in the UK right now, no question.


  2. I finally get to see them in a fortnight so I'm gonna reserve my "final" opinion 'til then (will doubtles shave a bunch of photos to post also). Having seen a fair bit of live footage (Youtube, etc) I'm not sure how convinced I am by their current sub-TG direction, the Planning Application EP is still my personal FF favourite I think? Oh, & Talking On Cliffs too, I can't stop listening to it, such an odd/intriguing record!

    Somebody on here clued me into the fact that Talking On Cliffs is actually drawn as much from FF members' solo work as group recordings (i.e. Felt Suit / Lo-Light) so God knows who/what it actually represents!

    P.S. Thanks v.much for the stream btw.

  3. Anonymous12.11.10

    Here's another live FF set recorded about 3 weeks earlier (there's a DJ set at the beginning for about 12 mins), but the quality is pretty good...I was 2 feet away from the PA at this one and it made my teeth rattle!

  4. Nick_G11.1.11

    I read about this band recently and as they sounded interesting I had a listen to some tracks, including the tracks off this EP. They sounded so intriguing that I ordered a copy and I received the CD yesterday after ordering it a week previously. Quite pricey (imported from Japan) but worth it. It's superb, and they are really finding their own sound now, whereas the earlier material sounded like Factory Records in the late 70s/early 80s. Wonder how limited this CD is?

    The two live sets posted above are also excellent, with a very techno-influenced tracks and some pretty intense soundscapes, particularly on the first one.

    I eagerly look forward to more material in 2011, (on CD hopefully). It's been a long time since a new band has got me this excited!

  5. Argh, I thought it was out of print already! How much did you end up paying for your copy, I coughed up £16 in the end (imported from Japan), the most I've paid for a CD in YEARS?

    My opportunity to see them live fell through at the last minute, they cancelled due to December's appalling weather, so I've still an F.F. virgin (ahem). I'm off to (hopefully) see them supporting Chris & Cosey at the ICA next month, & will hopefully return with a few minutes' worth of shakily shot footage & slobbering testimonials to their genius... (fingers crossed, etc)

  6. Nick_G12.1.11

    I think it was about £25 altogether (£15+£10 shipping). This was from HMV Japan. I think I was lucky as since I bought it status changed from 'In Stock' to 'Available For Order'. I don't usually pay that much for a CD either! Perhaps more will become available?

    It's definitely different though. The '50,000 Particles Of Grey Ash' track has an almost Zen-like calm, and must be the quietest thing they've ever released. The last track, 'TMAOTW' is another favourite - very hypnotic, intense and trippy.

    I'm tempted to buy the 10in/DVD release too as I'd like to see the live performance on the DVD.

  7. danjohnpublicimage12.1.11

    Thanks for this, thrilled to hear it.

  8. Nick, the 10'/DVD is definitely worth a look if you can still get it. It's a MUCH noisier proposition than Talking On Cliffs but is at least v.nice to look at if you can't face playing it as often as you'd like! Norman Records are currently selling it for £7.99 + postage btw.

    Fingers crossed Felt Suit/Lo Light might release stuff of their own at some point too?

    P.S. Cheers Dan.