27 November 2010

JUDY NYLON & CRUCIAL : Pal Judy LP + Carlotta 7" (1982)

Pal Judy
Judy 7"
Judy Eno
Lots of interest in the previous post, so now seems as good a time as any to re-up Judy Nylon's indecently fine Pal Judy LP. Recorded in 1982 with Adrian Sherwood & the On-U Sound posse, her collaborators here include members of Dub Syndicate, New Age Steppers & African Headcharge, though the overall sound is anything but "dubwise". Instead, it's a seductive suite of moody, twilight pop songs, each of them complemented by Judy's laconic drawl: "a classic rainy day bit of sound & song to drift away to", according to the NME. Though there are definite comparisons to be drawn with Nico's 80s work - a presiding John Cale influence, perhaps? - Judy's sultry cocktail post-punk rarely recalls Nico's remote, opiated ethereality.

The album was trailered by a 7" on Demon Records, twinning an overhauled version of Snatch's "Carlotta" with Pal Judy's crepuscular "Sleepless Night". I recently discovered an mp3 of the former squirrelled away online somewhere, so I've tacked it on to the end of the original album for your delectation, etc. Pal Judy itself was briefly issued as a ROIR cassette (remember them?) in the early 90s allegedly, though I've yet to see a copy.

Sadly, these recordings represent the extent of Judy's solo oeuvre. What a waste. As I suggested in my previous post, now that her exceptional collaboration with Bot'Ox has reintroduced her into the public domain, she/they should definitely consider hooking up for an entire LP. At the very least, somebody should consider remastering the Pal Judy sessions properly & making them readily available again...


  1. I've got one track, the dice, from Judy Nylon off of a sampler...


    Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Hope you enjoy it, the more I play it the better it sounds, it's a real grower...

  3. Anonymous28.11.10

    do you have 'hung in the playground' by my baby's arm? now there was a song.

  4. Anonymous28.11.10

    One of my favourite records ever. Yes, it's a real grower...

  5. I don't have the My Baby's Arm 7" but I definitely remember it! I think I know someone who might have a copy, did you want me to post it if I can get my hands on it?

    Did MBA release anything else, I've only ever heard "Hung In The Playground"?

  6. Anonymous28.11.10

    I guess I start by saying 'Thanks all for Noticing'. I suppose that my situation was not unlike many female artists who came up through the most abusive period of the music industry. At some point I had to just walk away and write off royalty collection, untangling contracts and outright theft. My luck was that I had other disciplines in the arts to turn to. I always loved music/sound and was never out of touch with what was developing. I was finally inspired by Bot'ox to step out again and record and perform. The artist will outlast the business. I own (and have even the original stampers for vinyl in my possession) the masters of "Pal Judy" and have them digitized and ready to reissue in some configuration; not in someone else's catalog/indie label. I need my own set-up this time and can accept help only in establishing the business framework. I'm one of those artists whose chains were broken by the advent of the net. Anyway....I'm back to work and glad to have survived the dark days without 'going gentle into the night'. YES there is more coming with Bot'ox. For now my business contact is just: paljudy222@yahoo.com JUDY NYLON

  7. Hi Judy,

    I hope this IS actually you & not some deluded imposter? The internet's teeming with 'em nowadays, as you've probably noticed!

    Am relieved to hear that the Pal Judy masters still exist & are in good hands! It's a fantastic LP &, judging by the amount of responses those recent blog posts have generated (much of it via e-mail so it's not all reproduced above), I'm not the only fan either... That 1978-83 period (No Wave, post-punk, New Pop, Ze, etc) has come in for a lot of scrutiny & positive reassessment recently, so the Pal Judy recordings still sound peculiarly contemporary, I think? Just out of interest, were there any outtakes or did you release absolutely EVERYTHING? I hope there's more to come?

    Fingers crossed for a Pal Judy re-release in the not-too distant future (Snatch too, perhaps?). Whatever happens, you MUST include "Carlotta" as part of the album this time 'round, I absolutely love that song! I'm sure a reputable (?) label like Soul Jazz (Acute Records too) would be interested in getting involved if reissuing everything yourself ultimately seemed too daunting (especially if you were considering a vinyl edition)? As you're probably aware, they've already invested a lot of effort (+£$) in excavating obscure/overlooked music from the 78-mid 80s era, & have previously included a Snatch track as part of one of their No New York comps I believe? Their ESG/A Certain Ratio/Liquid Liquid/Arthur Russell anthologies are all exemplary/essential.

    Re: Bot'Ox. If I'm honest, I bought their LP because I'm a big fan of Cosmo Vitelli's previous work - I had no idea you guested on it until I'd got it home & studied it more closely (= nice surprise)! It's a great track/performance/album, & I can't wait to hear more of their stuff, particularly if you might be making further appearances? Would you consider appearing live with them, or are they a wholly studio-based concern? Let us know how things progress anyway...

    Final, crucial point: let me know if you're unhappy with me providing links to your music & I'll remove them a.s.a.p.

    Thanks for getting in touch, & best of luck with... EVERYTHING!!


  8. Anonymous29.11.10

    No...I'm down with file sharing, eliminates gatekeepers and tolls. It is work I stand by and allows me to be heard further than I'd expected. Ultimately, it expands income if you offer people what older work free and start performing LIVE again. I have performed with Cosmo and the crew twice recently (a Paris gig and France Inter (radio...like the BBC). LOL..yes, it is me! I'm from punk remember...no hiding; I just don't answer if I am too busy and speak directly if at all. The Snatch catalog is only half mine so I don't see much hope there in the short term. A perfect copy of Pal Judy may end up being a free giveaway in the memoir I am maybe a third into writing. I like the way Bot'ox dropped remixes at the same time...so that as well would be interesting considering who I would chose. I am delighted that there is no longer one way to deliver tunes to people who are interested and I like live and studio work equally or combined. Judy

  9. Well, it's certainly a relief to know you've such a "philosophical" attitude towards filesharing, etc! I guess the fact that the Pal Judy recordings are 3 decades old &, as such, "old news" to you (obviously they're still relatively "new" to me & most people who've heard them c/o this blog) means you can be completely objective about them &, perhaps, "let them go"? Soooo... how DO they sound to you now? And do you still "recognise" the person singing on them, as it were? Are your memories of those sessions, & that period in general, positive - the On-U Sound crew were an eccentric bunch of people to work with, I imagine?

    Apologies for the 3rd degree - we'll read about all this (eventually) in your memoir, I guess? On the subject of which... PLEASE make it as expansive & minutely detailed as possible! I'm guessing your pre-punk Cale/Eno era could fill a book by itself, let alone Snatch & beyond? You're writing from quite a singular position I think - i.e. atypically, you've not just played bass (or whatever) in the same band with the same people for the last 4 decades (!).

    Good to hear you're performing live again - I hope those Paris sets have been archived for future divulgence?


  10. Judy, you might want to consider Kickstarter as a funding source for your music and writing. I would definitely buy a Judy Nylon memoir, especially if music were included in the purchase. I have a copy of the ROIR cassette, so I can vouch for Pal Judy's existence in that format. Fans of Pat and Judy's music can Snatch up two more mp3's here:


  11. Anonymous2.12.10

    For what it's worth, I enquired about the Judy Nylon and Snatch albums through Stuart, who I was working with on the Ike Yard CD, and I've emailed Judy directly, wow, in 2001 I see now! Before we even had our first release out.

    In any case, I'd also recommend Kickstarter as a great way to raise money and awareness, especially if you keep your goals realistic. Some people try to raise way more money then they'd need, or expect to get!


  12. I definitely need to give this Kickstarter thing the once-over, it sounds like an excellent concept in THEORY...

    Dan, glad to see Acute were on the ball & WAY ahead of me on the Pal Judy front. That's an exemplary label you've got there btw, so many excellent releases already (those Metal Urbain releases are simply stunning). What are you putting out next, any idea? I guess it must be difficult securing rights to the stuff you're interested in, you have a lot more competition in those areas nowadays?

    It'd be nice to see this back in print again:

  13. Since Judy is commenting here, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to tell her that the Snatch record is one of my all-time favorites. Great stuff!

  14. Dr Hank4.12.10

    Thanks a bunch for posting this. I have the vinyl, but not the means of playing it and digitizing it. Occasionally I take out some old albums that I don't have in digital form and just fondle them wistfully for a while. And Pal Judy has been one of them. But no more! I remember it as a really really good record, and I'm thrilled to be able to listen to it again.

  15. Hi
    Just posted the ROIR cassette on ebay

  16. Dr Hank, I know that feeling all too well!

    Chris, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on that cassette (& I suspect I won't be the only one).

  17. Hi, as usual late to the party. Another message for Judy; I will also buy her book, especially if it has a copy of Pal Judy (to be honest I'd buy it without as well), my vinyl copy is old and worn so a CD would be very good. Maybe Judy should solicit some of the blogs to advertise her book, I'm sure many would be willing to help.

  18. Securing rights can be frustrating. Sometimes they're controlled by major labels who can be difficult. We've got a few projects lined up but they've been slow coming. A combination of slow overseas communications and other priorities (like making a living!) but I hope to step it up. We'll probably focus on vinyl and download releases in the future. And while it's frustrating to have more "competition", it's really about the music, so every time an artist I was interested in comes out on another label, I just think "glad somebody's doing it!"

  19. Good to hear they'll be more Acute stuff sooner rather than later.

    BTW, picked up your Method Actors compilation a couple of weeks ago, I recognised their name but had never heard anything by them before, it's terrific from start to finish...

  20. first of all, you've got a wonderful blog here. secondly, thanks so much for sharing this record. i've been hooked on Snatch's music & have been wanting to hear this.

  21. Fingers crossed, it might eventually get an official re-release (if the comments Judy left above are anything to go by)... it's a travesty it, & Snatch's entire oeuvre, have been OOP for some long, eh?

  22. I've had a copy of the Pal Judy cassette ever since it came out. I used to work for ROIR... So it was easy to get one.

    you can see a pic here and here

  23. That sleeve would make a terrific gatefold LP sleeve... c'mon SOMEBODY!

  24. Anonymous19.8.12

    Just dug out the vinyl copy of Pal Judy... awesome! Shame about the scratch on'Live in a Lift'. Listening to a lot of stuff from late 70's and early '80s at the moment and amazed that it still sound so vibrant!

  25. To be honest, I listen to little else these days - that '78 - '81 era was so fertile, I've been collecting that stuff for 20+ years & still feel like I'm only just catching up...

  26. yo boss! i'm new to your blog and desperately attracted by anything On-U...
    i recently discovered the cunts magnifiques, they have a wonderful section for this ;)

    but let's get back to here: i expected a satisfying rip of Crucial (mine is quite weak) but links are dead. any luck of a reupload? how strange i CANNOT find your email.... that's weird for a blog owner. anyways, please could you repost this, please?

  27. I don't have a clue who The Cunts Magnifiques are (great name though), but here's your "satisfying" Pal Judy rip, fully restored as requested - cheers for the message, etc.