FAVOURITE NEW BAND ALERT. The Proper Ornaments are a side project of London (via Glasgow)'s "hotly tipped" Veronica Falls - the brainchild of guitarist James Hoare in fact, with the spuriously monickered Max Claps in tow. Undoubtedly, Veronica Falls' goth-tinged contemporisation of The Shop Assistants' fuzzy garagepop is going to propel them onto the front cover of NME/Artrocker, et al as soon as they relent & compile their handful of been-&-gone 7"s onto CD. Good luck to 'em, but Veronica Falls sound too self-consciously arch &, dare I say it, twee, to my skeptical ears. Worryingly, they remind me of C86 hangers-on The Flatmates &, sorry folks, that's not a good omen! The Proper Ornaments, however, have effortlessly captured my attention/heart/wallet, etc...

Also currently based in London, & named after a Free Design song, The Proper Ornaments have only released one 7" to date, the mesmerising must-have "Recalling"/"Are You Going Blind?", c/o San Francisco's frothy Make A Mess (home also to White Fence & the marvellous Nodzzz). Pitched somewhere between Crystal Stilts/Shimmering Stars' opiated majesty & the cream of the NZ pop underground (The Chills, most evidently), their crestfallen psych pop sound has already well & truly floored me. They're been giving "Recalling" as a loss leader recently, along with a few other tracks, so I guess it's OK for me to post them all here? My favourite of the bunch is the illusory ballad "Shining Bright" - single #2 perhaps?

N.B. They've made a video too. It's worth a look, though it's surfeit of deep, meaningful glances & studied indie petulance may encourage mild hysterics & unsightly tea spluttering amongst the jaded, et al.


  1. Anonymous3.3.11

    Thank you! If you like Veronica Falls, give it a chance!

  2. Better still, buy the 7"!