SEXY LEPER : Turf The Void (2011)

The inclusion of Sexy Leper's Portobello Ghosts LP (actually a cassette) in my end of year baker's dozen has prompted a flurry of interest. Unfortunately, I'm unable to convert tapes to mp3 at the moment (rest assured I'm working on it!) so, instead, here's their tremendous Turf The Void EP, a single-sided 12" on the elusive, highly collectible, Aotearoa label (responsible also for a mind-blowing 4-disc Slither|Slather box set).

In all honestly, I'm not quite sure how to describe Sexy Leper's music: it's improvised, & based around "rock" instrumentation, but only rarely employs a tangible rhythm, the percussion being sporadic & scattershot at best. Electric guitars are a pivotal part of their line-up, though they're scraped rather than strummed, picked at rather than plucked. There's an eerie Vox Continental amongst the melee too, & a snatches of squawking, hissing shortwave radio. I'm reminded, ever so slightly, of The Dead C circa Harsh 70s Reality, & that's definitely not a bad thing, is it?

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  1. You always talk about the most interesting and awesome music! I love it!