Super88 : Ride Around Shining (2011)

New music for the new year...

I chanced upon Super88's "Ride Around Shining" a few days ago, whilst aimlessly rooting around on Youtube, & fell in love with it in a flash. Though plainly inspired by Washed Out's faded Polaroid languor, & the sedative bliss of Memoryhouse's early bedroom recordings, this exceptional track harbours a darker strand of somnolent, Boards Of Canada-type tenebrosity, a suggestion of unsettling VHS retrospection that has more in common Twin Peaks than Miami Vice. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about them - only that they're a duo, that they possibly originate from the Allston, MA area, & that they probably named themselves after this Boston supermarket.

They're circulating a number of recordings for free at the moment, c/o their Bandcamp & Soundcloud accounts, so I've bundled a selection below for your perusal (I'm sure they won't mind). If you know anything else about them, or are a Super88 member, feel free to get in touch...


  1. Thanks for this. Since you also follow DIE or DIY?, did you manage to take a listen to "The Shapes of Synths to Come" mixtape yet???

  2. Thanks for the tip off, I just skipped through the tracks &, yes, it does sound rather marvelous!

    Unless I've misunderstood the premise, the entire LP was made using 'phone apps? That's crazy, it sounds SO good! I'm starting to feel like an 17th century mill worker here, staring at my monitor with horrified fascination as my ears turn inside out!

    n.b. Check out Pye Corner Audio, if you haven't already, his work is in a similar vein & just as good.

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