CYNTHIA DALL (1971-2012)

I'm shocked & saddened to hear of Cynthia Dall's sudden & unexpected death, at home in Sacramento last week. As renown for her transgressive photography (showcased in Lisa Suckdog's peerless Rollerderby magazine) as her sporadic recordings (her most recent, Sound Restores Young Men, was released back in 2002), Cindy's tenure as a member of Bill Callahan's Smog culminated in what, for me, is still his finest album, 1995's Wild Love. Later that year, when Smog stopped off at Nottingham on their first international tour, I was spellbound by Cindy's luminous presence & quietly intense performance. It's an evening I've never forgotten.

Cindy's debut solo LP, 1996's Untitled, was recorded with Callahan & Jim O'Rourke & perfectly complimented the better known Wild Love. A short suite of stark low-fi confessionals, it's desolate beauty is truly haunting, & I urge you to seek it out if you've not already heard it.


  1. Anonymous11.4.12

    Nicely said. Saddened to hear the news of Cindy's passing. Her first LP has always been a favourite of mine, bought initially because of the Drag City/Smog connection, I grew to love those dark little songs (gorgeous sleeve as well, and apparently still available on vinyl from the Domino website) ...glad to see there are others out there who appreciate it's skewed beauty. Her last record was also produced by Jim O'Rourke, and is also well worth spending quality time with.

    Rest in peace.

  2. Sadly, there's very little footage of Cindy's work available online - this excellent Smog-era short is the best I've come across:



  3. This short article sheds a little light on Cynthia's life & preoccupations outside of music:


  4. We are the same age.Rest in peace...