DEUTSCH AMERIKANISCHE FREUNDSCHAFT : Goldenes Spielzeug / El Que 12" (Virgin, 1981)

Still riding the crest of the Neue Deutsch Welle... I've just picked up a vintage copy of the NME, dated 14th November 1981 (my 15th birthday, as it happens) c/o eBay &, lo & behold, the single of the week (courtesy of a fervent Lynn Hanna - whatever happened to her?) is Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft's "Goldenes Spielzeug"/"El Que".

The first 45 to be extracted from their second, claustrophobically intense Virgin album, Gold Und Liebe ("Sex Unter Wasser" was the other), it was released in both 7" & expanded 12" formats, as was customary back then. Neither of it's hard-to-find extended dancefloor mixes have ever been reissued, an unfortunate oversight on Virgin's part as D.A.F.'s pulsing sequencers & pummeling schlagzeug made commendable use of those crucial additional inches of alluring black vinyl. Needless to say, 30 years on, Conny Plank's stark, powerful production job still sounds literally awesome - an overused term admittedly, but entirely relevant in D.A.F.'s case.


  1. ah fantastic thank you havent heard this for years.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Edward, it's surprising how many little oddities like this one (i.e. forgotten 12" mixes & b-sides) never made the jump to CD... There's a great 12" version of "Verlieb Dich in Mich" which I'll upload at some point too.

  3. Can you please re-upload this? I can't find it anywhere...

  4. Bear with me George, I'll going to re-write (& re-post) this single v. shortly. :)

  5. Anonymous28.5.16

    this one is just crazy impossible to get hold of .. i would really like to ask for it if possible ? :)

  6. Anonymous18.11.16

    Would love a re-upload of this!