SLOWDIVE : Beach Song / Take Me Down (Sunday Records flexi-disc, 1992)

Only ever issued on sky blue polyurethane by petite Illinois indie Sunday Recordings, & puzzlingly omitted from Cherry Red's otherwise authoritative re-releases of their entire back catalogue, these 2 rather sketchy songs sound like the work of a much younger, noisier, & Isn't Anything-indebted Slowdive, rather than the ethereal procogniteurs of Shoegaze we're familiar with. According to bassist Nick Chaplin, both tracks derive from the same tape (recorded in glorious Weston Super Mare) that Creation Records pillaged for the band's eponymous debut E.P. - I was quietly hoping they might be stray Pumpkin Fairies demos but. alas, it appears my dreams have been cruelly dashed... Naturally, as flexidiscs are prone to rapid deterioration, sound quality is perfunctory at best, don't say I didn't warn you.

Slowdive parted company in 1995, following a lukewarm reaction to their ambient-hallucinogenic Pygmalion L.P. & their subsequent departure from Creation. Though they quickly settled at 4AD & found further success as Mojave 3, frontman Neil Halstead suggests that a Slowdive reunion remains a possibility, albeit not a particularly distinct one:  "It's crazy how in-vogue it is for bands to get back together these days. It's almost like you're not allowed to not get back together. So,, I'm sure that we will get back together - because we won't be allowed not to".


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing, Rooskby! I had no idea these two recordings existed. I've been relistening to Slowdive quite a lot recently, especially their EPs separately. I particularly love the Holding Our Breath EP, the Slowdive EP and their album Pygmalion. This sounds pretty much like MBV as you've pointed out but still it's quite interesting.

  2. The Sanctuary/Cherry Red reissues Hoovered up everything except these 2 songs... I think? Let me know if you can think of anything else they might've skipped - there are probably a couple of stray Pygmalion remixes lurking out there somewhere?