THE PASTELS : Insane Energy Drop - A Pastels Mix (Domino, 2013).

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Passing Pastels fans - already suffering a protracted fit of the vapours following the long-awaited release of Slow Summits no doubt - may be interested in this affiliated promo curio. Loosen your corsets accordingly...

Initial copies of Slow Summits purchased from the Domino Records website were bundled with the Insane Energy Drop CD - a trainspotter-vexing selection of esoteric sounds that Stephen & Katrina listened to during the writing & recording of the band's "proper" first album in 16 years. I'm secretly rather pleased to see that they've refrained from providing a track list - the advent of convenient music sites like You Tube have made it far too simple for today's indolent hipster-loafer to enhance his/her self-aggrandizing credibility rating without getting their hands dirty (so to speak). So, if any of the songs herein turn your head then you'll have no other option than to spend a few hours studiously ferreting them out for yourself will you? Ha.

Following inevitable howls of protest from those of us who still prefer to buy records in record shops, Domino have since uploaded the entire mix for like-minded patrons of Pastelism to eagerly pore over. I can't personally name more than a handful of the tracks they've chosen, but it's a cracker, no less.

Come to the dance

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