CHARLES PLATT : Terra Incognita of The New Wave (Interview).

Platt3 photo c8155565-64f7-4aa2-9b5e-69515af5afbc_zps9ee90628.jpg
Aficionados of Michael Moorcock's speculative late '60s periodical New Worlds will find this lengthy conversation with long-term contributor Charles Platt of great interest. Brace yourself for some eye-opening insights into the anarchic day-to-day domain of Ladbroke Grove's psychedelic New Wave S.F. intelligentsia... fascinating stuff!


  1. Love these. The spoils of your recent London trip? How much does an issue go for these days?

  2. Thanks for this tip. I have a complete run of the Moorcock era New Worlds, and they really are fascinating: a unique moment in SF when avant garde art, progressive politics, and the rock counter culture all met. The interview looks great!

  3. Sadly not, I did pick up a few old copies of International Time while I was down there though - & only slightly tatty too!

    Moorcock-era copies of N.W. seem impossibly scarce nowadays - I've got half a dozen of the A4-format ones, & they cost me between £5-£10 apiece, but I imagine prices have soared in the last couple of years?

  4. Crash - it's a very illuminating article, has Platt written a memoir do you know, he's a very intresting chap & I can't imagine it'd be anything less than riveting?