CLASS INFO : Inside EP (Classified 12", 1983).

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Regrettably, I know next to nothing about Canada's Class Info but, if common consensus is anything to go by, their lone 1983 e.p. has come to be regarded as something of a Cold Wave classic.

The brainchild of Winnipeg's Jay Willman - who wrote, played & produced all 5 tracks herein (with a little help in the clapping & chanting dept. from assembled acquaintances) - the Insides e.p. was issued in a once-only pressing of 500 copies on the otherwise uncharted Classified label, & original copies currently change hands for £300+ on Discogs, et al. "Come For Me" & "Circle Game" (fortunately not the Joni Mitchell song) were also circulated as a very limited promo 7" which garnered the "band" some fleeting provincial celebrity but otherwise disappeared without trace. Musically, Class Info combined the claustrophobic broom cupboard synth-drones of early Fad Gadget with the soulful vocal stylings of Yazoo's Upstairs At Eric's whilst retaining a solitarian punk-informed edge, placing them somewhere between Our Daughter's Wedding & The Screamers, I suppose?

More recently, "Out of Line" was picked up by the Minimal Wave label for inlcusion on the second volume in Veronica Vasicka's essential Tapes series &, after a protracted 30 year lay-off, Mr. Willman has begun making music again as Karma180.

Made in Canada


  1. OK, sounds about right ... :) ... 'cept I never stopped playing and have done many shows in my local region with lots of different projects. TTY, Jay

  2. Hi Jay, sorry for the INSANE delay in replying, I kind-of left this blog to rot for 6 months & let "real life" take precedence for a while... If you want to send me links to your later or current stuff I'll happily add them to the above article. :)

  3. Liked your review of Class Info alot, but the download link isnt working. if you can fix it, that'd be great. You have a terrific site, thanks!

  4. Hi Crash, I checked the link and it appeared to work fine so perhaps there's a problem with your browser? But I've updated the link anyway. :)