ORANGE JUICE : Live at Glasgow College of Technology - 17th April 1980 (Cassette recording).

Robbie Kelly photo 20287356-e1db-4a94-a266-d3ea7094cb52_zpsca59b293.png
OJ group photo 073ada7d-2bc4-4778-a662-100bc2c36ce0_zps3e552c18.png
I found this spiritedly shambolic live recording tucked away on an obscure Soundcloud account a few days ago - as far as I'm aware it's the earliest known documentation of an Orange Juice performance, dating from April 1980 (& thereby placing it between their trailblazing "Blueboy" & "Simply Thrilled Honey" singles). I've no idea who recorded it, who uploaded it, whether it contains the entire show or not, or whether an official release is being penciled in, so I suggest you grab it & enjoy it while it's still available.

Incidentally, Edwyn Collins' AED label are currently giving away a limited edition cassette of a 1981 show with all purchases placed c/o their website until the end of December, meaning that now's as good a time as any to pick up a copy of his current Understated l.p. if you don't already have one.

n.b. Vintage Postcard Records promotional poster designed by the prodigiously talented Robbie Kelly. You can find lots more choice ephemera of this nature at the excellent Sound of Young Scotland blog (credit where credit's due, etc).

Sorry to moan but it's what I do best


  1. Orange Juice performance, it was awesome. I heard there that track, it was rocking. Let see how will be next.

    Goji Berry Juice

  2. Something unrelated to the superb Orange Juice post, is:as requested by the venerable host of this excellent blog,Mr Rooksby,
    Nancy Sesay and the Melodaires is now on Mediafire:

    Use link or click download on the post on www.dieordiy2.blogspot.com


  3. Excellent work, sir! Really appreciate that, I've been gagging to hear the b-sides for YONKS & the Mega vs. broswer issue is really starting to get on my wick. Ta again. :)

  4. I always favoured Josef K above the Postcard cluster, OJ didn't seem to cut it in the studio to my ears. But this live set is great, almost like a best of. Thanks for posting.

  5. I agree, in the long-run I prefer Josef K too - cool & detatched, but with (important bit) great tunes. I have a couple of live shows by them I might upload shortly, ta for the reminder... ;)

  6. Thank you for this !!