THE FALL : C.R.E.E.P. Show (Schlick Yarbles Revisited LP, 1985) (Vinyl bootleg).

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If you've ever wondered where the monstrously strung-out live version of "Neighbourhood of Infinity" that graced The Fall's Palace Of Swords Reversed compilation originated - "It was the time of giant MOTHS", etc - well, now you know. C.R.E.E.P. Show is a vinyl bootleg of dubious origin that I'd occasionally spy while thumbing though the racks of a better class of record shop back in the mid-to-late '80s. Sadly, I never owned it myself as copies never hung 'round for very long &, frankly, they were always far too expensive.

C.R.E.E.P. Show was taped at Munich's Alabamahalle on Wednesday 4th April 1984, 6 months prior to the release of The Wonderful & Frightening World Of... (still one of my all-time favourite Fall albums), with Brix on board, & a surfeit of exceptional new songs to show off. A brief synopsis: the classic "double Hanley" are line-up are on rattling fine form, Grant Showbiz invokes poltergeistian clouds of lysergic reverb via the mixing desk, & sound quality is superb as the L.P. is sourced from a public service Bayerischer Rundfunk broadcast.

Despite the reels (presumably) still sitting on a shelf in a West German radio archive somewhere, & taking into account the superabundance of sub-par semi-pirated live Fall albums that have surfaced since the '90s, C.R.E.E.P. Show has never been licensed for an official release. Worse yet, allegedly only 200 copies of the original L.P. were ever pressed. There's no accounting for taste, eh?

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    need to hear this PLEASE.



  2. Link seems fine to me.

  3. Always good to hear more T'Fall. I've come across several Euro-radio broadcasts of Brix-era concerts - seems that continental media way ahead in promoting cutting edge music than the BBC's kiddy-fiddling counterparts!

  4. I don't normally approve of demented mixing desk spectres spewing reverb cobwebs all over Mark's vocals - it disguises the words &, after all, they're the important bit - but this one's a cracker! Apparently there are a couple more songs on the original tape but they weren't broadcast...

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  6. Keep trying, I guess? I'm not reloading it if Amazon have got their fangs into it, it's not worth the aggro... sorry.

  7. Link worked fine for me , thanks Rooksby .

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  9. Third time lucky! Many thanks. Yes, definitely getting tougher for fan-oriented blogs to keep going. Look at poor old DIE or DIY....

  10. Die Or DIY is back online at the moment - who knows how long for though? I've had my entire stash of files deleted without notice half a dozen times now which, bearing in mind I've always avoided posting anything that's in print, is rather effin' irritating...

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  13. Hi Rooksby,
    Mark Automaton sent me a Fall bootleg,and i wondered if you want to post it? (see below:
    I've only just dug out the digitizer wotsit, but while I was rooting through my cassette hoard, I discovered a tape of The Fall live in London from 1981 so I thought you might be interested in a digital version of that. The title is apparently "I am Romeo Romantic". I don't remember where I got this tape from, but given that it says on the cover "Produced by Grant Showbiz" and "Promotion cassette. Not for sale", I'm guessing that it came from Grant S. himself. There doesn't seem to be much more info to be gleaned from the sleeve notes - don't even know where it was recorded (other than "In London"). Perhaps the fact that it is a promotional cassette may lend it an aura of collectability that will appeal to your customers.
    Also interestingly, most of the titles in the tracklisting are not the actual titles of the songs, which leads me to believe that either (1) the cover was designed by someone who was unfamiliar with The Fall's oeuvre or (2) it was conceived as some sort of post-modern joke. Anyhoo, the tracklisting (with actual titles in brackets) is as follows:

    Side 1
    New Face In Hell
    Checked Shirts (The English Scheme)
    Rebellion (Rebellious Jukebox)
    Shadow Walks Behind You (A Figure Walks)
    I've Said My Piece (City Hobgoblins)

    Side 2
    Rouse (Rowche Rumble)
    End Of The Straw (New Puritan)
    This Is Sad/Come In To My Parlour (Fiery Jack)

    Here's the link to the zip file containing 2 WAVs (Side1 & Side 2) and a scan of the sleeve: http://waterden.net/stuff/romeoromantic.zip

    Yes Die or Diy is back!

    1. Great to hear about Die or DIY!
      Still haven't found a good way to change WAV files to something I can play more than one song at a time with VLC... Anybody?

  14. Well, I certainly want to HEAR it... cheers! I'm a long-term Fall fan, but I've never come across this tape/performance before, I've had a quick perusal of The Fall gigography & I think it might be 11 May 1980 at The Rainbow Theatre? I'll defo slap it up on the blog if you're not planning to but, frankly, you definitely OUGHT to. :)

  15. Hi,
    I won't be putting it on Die or DIY, I have this stupid idea that the Fall are too well known for the blogs theme!?
    If it were demo's from 1977 then i would,as the Fall are one of thee template bands for all DIY groops everywhere.
    It'll look better on ILTD anyway.

  16. It's a very strange tape! ;)

  17. Anonymous12.2.14

    YEAH man! FUCK. THX for it!

  18. Thanks very much - and cheers also to Johnny Z for this and the other 1979 Fall upload. For some reason these post passed me by until now...despite my username suggesting possible Fall-completism (far from it actually, but getting there slowly!) ...cheers all :D

  19. Ta for stopping by. :)

  20. WoW!
    I love the Fall!
    I got the "Neighbourhood of Infinity", Amazon thing after the d/l didn't work a couple of times and I had to answer a captcha. I tried again and it worked! Thanks a lot!

  21. 'kin hell! This is great!
    Just discovered your blog yesterday whilst mucking around on net looking for nothing in particular. Thanks heaps!
    Nothing better that a good Fall boot.