DELTA 5 : Live at Berkeley Square, California, 29th September 1980 (Cassette recording).

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Striking while the iron's still hot, etc here's an excellent Delta 5 live recording from the pivotal "Stateside jaunt" (© 1987 Q Magazine) I mentioned below. I can't remember how it came into my possession, but I think it may have been a radio broadcast of some sort? Despite them performing most of the cold-shouldered See The Whirl LP, the D5'S attack here is far more brutal here - barked vocals, intermittent explosions of atonal guitar, unorthodox but insistent rhythms - a ruthless, hectoring harangue that makes The Gang Of 4 sound positively slick by comparison. And, yep, the encore is a fractious cover of The Mekons' evergreen "standard". Sound quality throughout is sufficiently spot-on for Kill Rock Stars to have included a couple of songs from this recording on 2006's Singles & Sessions compilation, but now you can hear the entire shebang. Fantastic stuff, frankly.

Set-list: Train Song / Anticipation / Try / Triangle / Circuit / Now That You're Gone / Colour / Delta 5 / Mind Your Own Business / Leaving / Journey / Innocenti / Shadow / You / (Happy birthday to Ros) / Make Up / Where Were You?

A strong smell of Ralgex


  1. This is very very good indeed!

  2. Yep, they were definitely a rather "stroppy" live act, & all the better for it. ;)

    I've got a couple of Dome-related things to post btw, keep watching the skies, etc...

  3. Anonymous8.6.15

    Belatedly came across this from my favourite band - ta muchly - and you can find the same gig in FLAC and a later 1981 one over here:


    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  4. Terrific selection of posts Dave, looking forward to sinking my teeth into 'em. :)